Birth stories provided by former Otero (Bay Area) Birth clients

Jonathan’s Birth Story. Written By His Mom

It was somewhere around the 28 week mark that it finally sank in that I was about to give birth. My most recent sonogram hit me between the eyes like a 2×4, and I realized at some point that the beautiful child I already loved was going to have to find a way out of me to make his entrance into the world. I stopped and asked myself, “What do you really know about birth?” My first thought was that it hurt, an epidural was a shot they could give me to make it not hurt, and that I’d lay in bed and push him out the old fashioned way. Cesarean sections scared me, so I knew I wanted to avoid one of those if possible, but if the baby needed it, I’d be ok with it too.  Then I pulled up Google, and that’s when the panic hit. (read more)


Through her daddy's eyes. Written by her Dad
A home birth with a posterior baby

At 8pm on Wednesday, May 1st, I was sitting in my parked car with Lyia’s stepfather, Joe sitting behind. Lyia was on her way to the car with her mother, Lizette. She was standing just behind Lyia’s door and noticed that Lyia stopped walking next to the car. Now, I couldn’t hear what was going on but I could assume what was happening. Lately, Lyia had been getting annoyed when I would open the car door for her because her belly would get in the way and also she felt rushed to get in the car. It seemed that was what Lizette was doing for her and therefore, the cause for both of them not getting in the car. I thought there was a discussion on how Lyia can get in the car herself. Finally, Lyia just started to get in the car and she showed me the crotch of her pants. She exclaimed, “Am I wet, am I leaking!?” I thought, oh she must have peed herself again. (read more) (..and here for Lyia's point of view!)


Finally, We Meet. Written by the Mom 
 Planned doula assisted hospital birth

We found out on St. Patrick’s Day, 2011 that we were pregnant. It was a surreal moment. I wanted to get pregnant and was very excited about the experiences that I would have as a mother, however when I saw the positive pregnancy test, I just could not believe it! I had a wonderful pregnancy with mild morning sickness that lasted for the first trimester, and no other problems. I was able to maintain my work schedule and my normal activity levels and felt excited about meeting my baby! (read more)


 Ellie’s home birth story. Written by her Mom
 An undisturbed water birth where dad caught the baby

I can’t say enough good things about Liz Derry and her team. I had an awesome natural home birth and I am here to share it. With my first daughter I was induced. The doctor gave me an epidural and my whole labor felt like a big blur because I was so drugged. I also fainted after the birth of my daughter which I really think was due to the epidural. I just knew if I had another baby I wanted a different experience... (read more)


The Birth Of William. Written by his Mom 
A planned doula assisted hospital birth to a first time mom whose husband was deployed

I never thought I would actually go into labor on my due date. Everyone said I was still carrying very high so I had anticipated Will arriving sometime over the weekend. However, in the middle of the night on Nov 15 I lost my mucous plug and shortly after that I began to feel the signs of early labor. My contractions were still very far apart and barely noticeable so I went back to sleep for the rest of the night. In the morning things started to pick up a bit and I downloaded a contraction timer app for my iPhone. Each contraction was so exciting. This is what I had been waiting for! (read more)

Katie Lynn’s Birth Story. Written by her Mom 
A home waterbirth

My first birth experience having my son was less than ideal. After two bouts of preterm labor that were stopped and finally a traumatic induction at 40 weeks, I was left me feeling like my body was incompetent and incapable of going into a labor pattern that would produce a baby naturally. I was dreading the birth experience this time around being pregnant with my daughter. At 36 weeks I finally got up the nerve to call a midwife and dig deeper into natural birth. After my husband and I’s inital meeting with Liz, I was so excited by the possibility of having a home birth experience I couldn’t stop talking about it. I was finally excited for labor and birth! However, I still held onto a lot of my original fears that a natural labor would happen for me in the back of my mind...(read more)


Dexter’s Birth Story. Written by his Mom
A first baby, born at home

Saturday September 24th, my due date. I knew this was only an expected date, but I wasn’t expecting to go into labor that day.   It was a nice day, Spencer and I slept in, he cleaned, I got a nap, we rented a RedBox movie and we took a walk in the park.

During the movie I started feeling what really seemed like labor pains, but I was skeptical still. I got in contact with my midwife, Liz Derry, right away and told her what I was feeling. On our walk I was sure I was in early labor, it was about 6:30. When we finished our walk we knew we had to get home...(read more)

Kingston’s birth story. Written by his Mom
A vaginal home birth after two Cesareans

Three weeks after to moving to this area for my husband’s work, we found out that we were pregnant. I tried for about a week to find a doctor but couldn’t find anyone without driving to Corpus Christi. That would never work for us. My husband travels for work and I have zero family here. So that meant when I went into labor I couldn’t drive myself.

I seriously thought about either moving to my parents for my pregnancy, I had two C-sections with my other two boys. I was scared how I would get to the hospital in time. If my husband would be close enough to drive home for the birth, would he make it to me in time to get us both to the hospital? I got even more worried and scared about this baby. I decided to research midwives, I think I sat in front of the computer for half a day reading information and watching birth videos. I decided to take the leap and call Liz. She called me back, set up my appointment and the rest is what we say history.

My husband and I hadn’t told anyone that we were pregnant just yet so meeting with Liz and Melinda eased my mind. I felt that I could do this; it has been eight years since I had my last child. It was going to be like giving birth for the first time. I was always told by my doctor that having children naturally would never happen. I was told that I was too narrow to pass a baby through...(read more)